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We enable your dreams of financial FREEDOM

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With its Latin origin meaning - “To Be Strong” & “To Be Healthy,” we could not have chosen a better business acumen as we pride ourselves on building our balance sheets - Healthy and our portfolios - Strong


We offer financial wings to Let your dreams soar.

Valerius is a Global Private Equity Holdings and market participant within the following sectors: Banks, Institutional Debt Syndication & Financial Technology, Capital Markets, Investment Grade Securities buying on behalf of own account portfolios, RE acquisitions, development & construction of Luxury Real Estate.

  • Play it Big!
    Playing Big is being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears.
  • Playing small doesn't serve the world. We help visionary leaders elevate their game to their maximum potential.


The ability to see opportunities before it becomes obvious.

  • Capturing an Inspiring Picture of the Future
    Having wisdom of the times.
  • Superb Research Capabilities
    The best investment ideas are here.
  • Growth Investment Strategies
    Building sustainable wealth long term.


Our highly selective approach to projects is based on the promise of sustained cashflows, flexible and optimal financing, and the consistent ability to deliver outsized and above market returns to our stakeholders.

Our innovative global funding models introduces high-quality projects to investors to elevate everyone involved to the next level.